A passion rekindled. 

This is Seb Lloyd. He is The Modern Carpenter. He is also currently writing in the third person, so he will now stop doing that. 

I've always loved woodwork, and I've always loved design. I've worked in film for all of my working life, and that affords me an erratic lifestyle with gaps between jobs. Never one to shy away from clichés, I got a bit fed up with working behind a screen all the time so I've used those work gaps to build a workshop, refine old skills and create some beautiful plywood things. If you'd like some beautiful plywood things too, please get in touch.

How I work.

I provide a holistic service, taking your original ideas and turn them into an isometric computer drawing to allow you to visualise the final piece. I then fabricate and finish to an exceptional standard, and provide delivery or installation where appropriate. Of course, if you'd like anything similar to my previous bespoke work, I'm very happy to quote you for that too.