Last Night a Carpenter Saved My Life

DJ Booth

DJ Booth

Bit of a labour of love, this. My sister’s a DJ and producer, and she recently had her first underground hit - topping Beatport and Juno charts, massive love from a few DJ legends - that sort of thing. Like 90% of DJs though, her decks had been perched on top of Ikea Expedit shelves since 2003, and it was high time we made something a bit more permanent.




Room for two 1210s, two CDJ9000s, and eventually a Pioneer DJM900, when those sweet sweet royalties roll in. Oh, and you can fit some of the vinyl collection in there too….

As is so often the case with our stuff, it’s 18mm birch plywood, finished with Osmo raw oil to preserve the natural look of the wood. I learned to love piano hinges with this…. but not before learning to hate them first.

Oh oh oh! Here’s the tune that spurred this on. It’s a banger.

Sebastian Lloyd