And So To Bed...

There’s only two places you spend eight hours a day (and when are you next going to work?).

Plywood bed / giant whack-a-mole

Plywood bed / giant whack-a-mole

It’s not often I hand something over to a customer and am instantly jealous, but this was one of those rare occasions. The brief: a plywood bed with four drawers, some hidden compartments, a large headboard and the ability to be dismantled when moving house - without any visible fixings. That’s all achieved with six base compartments, faced with minimalist ply panels.

The end result is a modern, minimalist bed that’s as solid a a rock, and with a huge amount of accessible storage.

Here’s what the clients thought of it:

"We commissioned Sebastian to build a bed for our new flat. We had pretty specific needs, so I did a drawing of the bed I had in mind and shared it with him. He came up with a surprisingly simple, thoughtful and overall beautiful design for it. My girlfriend and I were so impressed when he delivered and assembled the bed, by the precision and care of the execution. We love the way the bed accommodates all our needs, how it sits in the room, and the way it looks and feels. We’re definitely happy with the result.

Fabrizio & Caterina" 

Sebastian Lloyd